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The Tao of Test-Driven Development

Wed Nov 11 00:00:00 -0800 2009

I gave my Tao of Test-Driven Development tutorial at OOPSLA 2009 in Orlando, FL. The tutorial began with a quick lecture-style introduction to test-driven development, and concluded with a hands-on coding dojo for attendees to practice what they learned.

The slides from my presentation are now available online in Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF formats.

I also uploaded starter code for parts 1 and 2 of the dojo. Although the dojo was technology-agnostic and attendees free to use any language, the starter code uses Java, JUnit and Ant.

The starter code for part 2 includes my solution to part 1, but there are no right or wrong solutions. My solution is illustrative of my approach to solving part 1, but is by no means the only solution. Indeed, I practiced part 1 three times in preparation for the tutorial and ended up with a different solution each time.